Medical ManipulationOur distinctive medical manipulation integrates quality chiropractic care with various soft tissues techniques, FDA approved instruments and rehabilitative training to alleviate pain and restore the functions of your body.

Instead of manual (hand) manipulation, our certified doctors utilize evidence-based cutting edge tools and equipments to ensure safe, precise, and effective result. This treatment does not involve any twisting, turning, or “cracking” of joints.

The use of instrument adjusting such as the Arthrostim® and VibraCussor® allows for fewer side-effects and less post-treatment muscle soreness. Several studies have shown that instrument adjusting is just as effective as traditional chiropractic techniques for easing pain and increasing range of motion in patients who have sought chiropractic care. Its speed, gentleness and accuracy are also recommended for populations that may have trouble with the use of traditional chiropractic techniques, such as children and the elderly.

How does it work?
The medical manipulation using adjusting instruments allows our doctors to give patients a very specific adjustment, an adjustment in which only the segment that is out of position is adjusted. The ArthroStim™ is an FDA approved instrument developed by IMPAC technology in Oregon. For over 22 years it has been continuously refined and perfected. It introduces energy/force/information to the body to realign segments and remove nerve pressure at a speed of 12 “taps” per second (12 hertz); it is a fast, accurate, low force and controlled adjustment.
Injury-Specific Adjustment Instrument
One of the most useful characteristics of this treatment is its uses on patients in different postures. When you’re suffering from localized pain in one segment of your body, you may also be suffering from pain that is only present at certain times. If you feel pain when you stand, walk, stretch, bend, sit, or lie down, the position, frequency, and severity of your pain can give us more information about the best injury treatment plan for you. Knowing when your injury causes you pain is not enough to treat your pain, though, but with targeted ArthroStim adjustments performed when you’re in a position that causes you pain, you can feel the immediate pain relief effects, and you can leave our clinic confident that your pain relief treatment worked as well as it possibly could.
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